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Terms and Conditions provides email service to domain owners, as well as to some of our own domains. People using our services are called members. To become a member, you need a membership which costs $4.00 per month.

A membership gives you one IMAP email account with 5GB of storage. The maximum message size is 35MB. You can sign up for multiple memberships if you need multiple email addresses.

Note that we limit the number of outgoing email allowed for new accounts to avoid drive-by spammers. For more information, see: Email Mass Mailing Policy

Setup Fee: There is a $4.00 setup fee which will cover the remaining days of the month you sign up. The billing cycle begins on the first day of the month that your membership started, regardless of when in the month you signed up. This means that if you sign up early in the month, most of the $4.00 setup fee goes towards your first month service.

Billing Cycle: The Billing Cycle begins on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month. You can choose to pay up to six months in advance. When a current member pays, their pre-paid will begin when the previous pre-paid period ends. When a new member pays, it will start on the first day of the month that they signed up.

Pre-Paid Service Only: All of our services require payment before they can be used. Memberships that are not pre-paid will be deleted. We cannot restore any information from deleted accounts.

Forgot Password: Don't forget your password! A charge may apply to confirm your identity and to reset the password. See also: Change Password.

No Refund: All payments are final and non-refundable. We do not give refunds or credit for partial or full-month(s) pre-paid membership. Furthermore, pre-paid memberships are not transferrable to other memberships.

No Membership Hold: A membership cannot be put on hold or extended because of non-use or for any other reason.

Cancellation: If payment is not received by the end of the last pre-paid billing cycle, we will assume you want to cancel and delete your account and all stored IMAP information. If the account is deleted, then we cannot restore your account or old emails. For more information, see Cancel Information

Backup: It is your responsibility to make sure your information and data are backed up offline.

Changes: reserves the right to adjust the price and add/remove services it offers at any time.

No Guarantees: and its owners do not guarantee any of its services. Please read our important Disclaimer.


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