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Email Mass Mailing Policy

Email Maniacs does not support outbound mass mailing. We limit user ability to send mail to large numbers of recipients within a 24 hour period. This limit is restrictive on the first day of usage, and becomes more lenient over time. Users who reach this limit will experience error messages stating "Daily maximum exceeded".

This limit is subject to change without notice, should our service be compromised. In order to protect our members, we do not publish the numeric limit publicly.

The objectives of our mass mailing policy are the following:

Controlling mailing rates that stress systems.
Limiting outbound message abuse.
Eliminating service degradations.
Mitigating the thousands of bounce messages in mail queues that delay mail delivery.
Mitigating invalid return address information.
Eliminating mass mailings during peak business hours.

Definition of Mass Mailing

Spam is defined as "unsolicited bulk email that includes advertisements or solicitations, commercial or otherwise, regardless of content." Without exception, Email Maniacs prohibits the practice of mass mailing unwanted email solicitations of any type, regardless of content, and will take action to prevent this practice.

See also: Terms and Conditions


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