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How to handle Spam

Here are some things you can do to make our spam filter work better for you.

Mark Spam
Mark email as Spam so the filter learns. If you have POP setup, then log in to WebMail, choose the message, and press Spam. If you have IMAP setup, then you can move the spam into the Spam folder in your email client.

Unsubscribe to "legit" mailing lists that you are on. Don't unsubscribe to phishing emails, but you can unsubscribe to legitimate companies such as Best Buy, Sears, Facebook, Twitter, and other known companies that will take your request seriously.

Block Sender
To block a sender, log in to WebMail and right click on the name in the From column. Then choose More, and then Block Sender. If you know the email address that you want to block, then you can also enter it in WebMail by pressing Settings on top and then Spam settings on the left.
For more information, see Allow or Block Senders

Filter Settings
You can make the Spam filter more or less aggressive. Log in to the WebMail and press Settings on top and then Spam settings on the left, then change the "Threshold Level" to Normal, High, or Very High. Press Save when done.


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