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Generate and Change MX Records

Be aware that as soon as you do this, your old mail server (if you have one) will no longer function. ALL email for your domain will go through our server instead.

You need one Email Maniacs mailbox for each domain email address. Sign up for at least one email address and get confirmation from us before you make the change below.

The MX (Mail Exchanger) directs your email. You need to direct your MX Records to us in order for us to process your email.

To get your MX Server Address that you need to make Email Maniacs work, please enter your domain below and press Generate MX Server.

The O in front of the mail server address generated above is the Priority.

To change your MX Records, you need access to the DNS settings for your domain. (This is usually where your domain is registered, but not always).

Before adding the MX Records above, make sure that you first delete any old MX Records you may have for your domain.

Furthermore, it may ask for TTL for which you can leave as its default time. (Choose 1 hour (1h) if you have to enter something.)


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