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Encrypted Email

Are you concerned that your employer, colleagues, or family members are reading your email on your phone on computer? Do you want to make sure that only the intended recipient can read the emails you send to him or her? Here is how to send encrypted email:

Use this simple tool to encrypt the emails that you don't want to share with the world. Write your secret email here and press "Email Message" to send it encrypted:

You need to communicate to the recipient the URL (Web address) that is needed to decrypt your email message. Call them or find another method to tell them the URL. You don't want to send the URL unencrypted to the same email address. The URL is

The encryption is not rocket science and anyone can go to and use the unique Decrypt Email page. However, the nondescript encrypted email that you send from this page looks like random letters, characters, and numbers. It should be fine against the average curious nosy person, but we make no guarantees.

We do not store or collect the information you enter in the box above. It is simply fed into your email program as encrypted text when you press "Email Message".


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